Bild Patrik Göransson (foto Niklas Laurin)Patrik Göransson, 39 years old, works as unit head and clinical psychologist at the Helsingborg Hospital, Unit of Cancer Rehabilitation.

Patrik is the initiator of and was the project manager for hospital comprehensive cancer rehabilitation that Region Halland ran with the support of The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions in 2010-2013.

He’s engaged in  the Swedish association for psychosocial oncology and rehabilitation, SWEDPOS and chaired the organization between 2013-215. Patrik is passionate about that good cancer rehabilitation should be offered to everyone affected by cancer.

E-mail: Twitter: @Psyprik Phone number: +46 (0)709-798817


Asa2012tecknadÅsa Jonsson, 46 years old, began her cancer journey as a relative in winter of 2013. She has also been involved, as a freelance writer, in cancer rehabilitation project at the Halland’s hospital in Halmstad. Today she works as a communicator in Region Halland.

E-mail: Twitter: @hiporio



IMG_2839Hanna Wekell, 30 years old, is the co-founder of the non-profit organisation Ung Cancer. Hanna is a versatile communicator with an experience in everything from strategies and marketing communications to social media and printing.

E-mail: Twitter: @hannawekell