The cancer journey is a platform with the aim to harness ideas and commitment of those affected by cancer and then channel them in the form of new tools, services and knowledge that can make the cancer journey more easily navigated for all concerned.

This is a place where each and every individual can make a difference.

A place where your voice is heard and makes a difference.

We need your commitment, your willingness to share and work in order to improve the everyday lives of those affected by cancer based on their needs and perspectives.

 How will this work?

Some points that explain how we will work and what we stand for:

• The cancer journey stands for: openness, involvement and transparency.

• The organisation will be independent and outside healthcare.

• We will seek collaboration with a number of community stakeholders and individuals who are linked to the journey of those affected by cancer.

• Research with a focus on health innovation and involvement of those affected by cancer will be a key part of the work.

• It will be non-profit but not based on a voluntary work.

• What is created will be made available under the Creative Commons license so that it will be free to use and distribute.

If you as an individual or organisation are curious about how you can help us during the development stage, please contact us at Click here to get more information about us who work with the cancer journey.