In 3rd issue of Oncology in Sweden we contribute with an article featuring “The involuntary traveller” based on how doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can use the book to facilitate communication with those affected by cancer.

The book can be advantageously offered to patients and their families at the time of diagnosis in order to provide overview and support at the same time as it can facilitate the work with the individual care plan. In addition, it is free of charge, free for printing, copying and distribution and it is available as both e-book and print edition. The book consists of three parts:

  1. overview of the various challenges that those affected by cancer can face including among other things physical, psychological, social and existential challenges, challenges related to sex and intimacy and challenges of those who are close to cancer affected.
  2. a cheat sheet that contains practical tips including among other things how to exactly approach need for appropriate support.
  3. a number of tools to assess needs, establish a cancer rehabilitation plan and communicate these between cancer care and those affected by cancer.

The forms and tools that are available in the book can also be downloaded from our Tools page and in case a department, reception or clinic wish to get some form customised, we are happy to help with that. Contact us at

While the book is spreading and being tested within cancer care and among those affected by cancer it is also being evaluated. An evaluation survey was developed and published as a web survey and sent as a pdf file and text file to all regional cancer care centres and patient organisations. Organisations can use the questionnaire for self-evaluation.

Click here to read the article (swedish)

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