Since we released “The involuntary traveller” in conjunction with the World Cancer Day on 4/2 private individuals, associations and healthcare centres got the book for free through Region Halland or downloaded its electronic version.
The feedback was amazing! We received a lot of responses by e-mail and through other channels, but also through the survey that we published in the spring.

Now we would like to share the results of the survey based on 143 responses that we have received. Your responses indicated that “The involuntary traveller” is much appreciated and fulfils a function that those affected by cancer and healthcare professionals have previously been lacking. As many as 95% thought that the book is of great or very great help to patients and their families. In addition, we have received lots of comments and stories that highlight the book’s usefulness and offer constructive suggestions for improvements and further development.

Here you can check the results of the survey as well as comments that we have received (swedish only).

An absolutely brilliant little book that contains all the essential facts that you would otherwise have to look up at a lot of different places. Worked very well as, among other things, a dialogue helping tool between me and my relatives who have also read the book. (Survey comment)

For those of us who are now facing the further development of “The involuntary traveller” through new exciting project it is the comments that are particularly valuable. We would like to take this opportunity to both invite for and encourage a discussion of the book and further development of it in the book’s forum here at

I think it was extremely nice to be able to put into words the emotions that one feels. It has been a great help for both me as a relative and for my mother who is ill. My mother flatly refused to “talk to someone” in the beginning. I got the book for her. She read it and then it was just like it got easier for her and she chose to talk to the counsellor. Love that brochure! Absolutely great! Good work! (Survey comment)

Because by utilizing your ideas and your involvement together we will make the involuntary traveller’s cancer journey easier to navigate!

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