It brings us great joy to finally be able to release The involuntary traveller in English!

By making The involuntary traveller as an e-book available there´s a travellers guide for those of you affected by cancer, lacking skills in Swedish, and forced to navigate a cancer journey in Swedish context.  Just like the Swedish version this travelers guide in made available under a Creative Commons-license so it´s free to share, copy, download and to print.

As of now we don´t have any financing to make the guide available in print but that might change if there’s an need. If you or your organization would like to print the guidebook in English please contact Patrik Göransson at  and we will send you a printable pdf-version and printing instructions.

Since the travellers guide now is available in English a new possibility opens regarding international exchange and cooperation. At the moment there are already some discussions about adapting The involuntary traveller into a new national context which should be quite easily done. This might also open up to international cooperation concerning the oncoming development of an app-version for smartphones. Exciting don’t you think!

If you are interested in the adaptation of The involuntary traveller into a different national context please contact Patrik Göransson at

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