Finally the refining and polishing of texts, structure, illustrations and access resulted in that today we can hold freshly printed copies of the guidebook for those affected by cancer in our hands. “The involuntary traveller – a book about your cancer journey” has now been printed in a test batch of 15.000 copies, thanks to the financial support from The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR.


This gives patients, relatives, cancer care, patient-/relative associations and others the opportunity to test the guidebook as a tool and communication support during the cancer journey – a tool to facilitate communication around need for support and rehabilitation coupled with physical, psychological, social and existential needs of those affected by cancer.


Region Halland provides further invaluable support by making the guidebook accessible for both individuals affected by cancer and for organisations that want to test and evaluate it as a tool that can be offered to cancer patients. Very soon it will be possible to order the book for free at Region Halland’s website, regardless of whether you want to order a copy for yourself as an individual, or if you want to order 100 copies for your department or association.


It feels absolutely amazing that we’ve come this far and we would like to thank all of those affected by cancer and others who help us along the way with their feedback and practical help.

A big thanks to all of you!

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