We have previously talked about our tools Your checklist and Your travel itinerary which both help you in your contact with health care centre. Both of these tools exist to help you raise questions and talk about what’s hard for you. But how do you know what’s hard? There are so many different aspects and areas that a cancer can affect, pinpointing how you feel or what you need help with is not easy. But it’s important. Therefore we have developed another tool that will help you with exactly that.

Your baggage is a tool that will help you specify which areas you feel increased stress and strain in. What is most hard for you right now physically, mentally or emotionally? Or maybe it is something related to sexuality and intimacy that is most strenuous?

With the help of this tool you can pinpoint what is it that is extra tough right now, and in this way get help in bringing up this or these areas in your contact with healthcare centre as well as with those who are close to you.

One tip is to print the tool and have it filled out by the next treatment or doctor’s appointment.

You can easily download the tool here.

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