Harness the ideas and commitment of those affected by cancer – together we make the involuntary traveller’s cancer journey more easily navigated.

“The involuntary traveller” is the beginning of a project to actively harness your, and others affected by cancer, experiences, ideas and commitment.

Click here to read and use The involuntary traveller as an e-book,

here to get a copy home delivered (swedish only)

This website is a hub for the continuing work and here you can:

• Find forms and other materials pertaining to the book.

 • Reconnect with what you think about the book, good and bad, discuss and give suggestions for support, services and functions.

In the near future you will also be able to support and participate in the project that drives the development of the cancer journey from the perspective of those affected by cancer.

Tools for the involuntary traveller

Welcome to the tools page!

Here we gather all the tools in the form of books, forms, apps, etc.

These tools are mostly for those who are affected by cancer and they pertain to the book “The involuntary traveller – a book about your cancer journey.” You can read, download or print the book itself, the book’s forms as well as other forms pertaining to the book.

Click here to read the book online (e-book) or here to get a copy home delivered (swedish only).

  • Ditt bagage
    Your baggage - a checklist to help you and your treatment team pay attention to your needs for support and treatment. Simply put: your rehabilitation needs!
  • Din checklista
    Your checklist - the most important thing is that you get answers to the questions that are of importance to you when you get in contact with, for example, healthcare centre or health insurance authority. Only you know what you need answers to.
  • The involuntary traveller is a guidebook for those who are affected by cancer.
  • Dina viktiga kontakter
    Your key contacts - a form to help you gather all important contacts in one place. There is a version for you as a patient and another one for you as a relative.

    Your travel itinerary - a simple plan for preventing and reducing worries during your cancer journey. Please, use prior to preparation of your individual care plan.

Forums for development

As a person affected by cancer you are a specialist in yourself and the needs you have. You also have the “traveller’s” perspective and thus a unique competence for what can improve the journey that those affected by cancer must undertake.

It really should be you who tell healthcare and society how things should be and function. At the same time, it is our experience that this is rarely the case, and that this competence is not properly harnessed within research, healthcare development and societal planning.

Together we can change that!


This is how it works

In our forums you can discuss with us and other people affected by cancer how together we can make the cancer journey more easily navigated. As forums open, threads and topics are created, you will be given the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas. Eventually, we will extract ideas for projects that we will then be able to gather around and push forward together.

It’s easy to get started, as the only thing needed is you to log in with any of your social media accounts, such as Facebook.

Firstly, we can meet in a forum for “The involuntary traveller” where the following topics are there from the start:

  1. The guidebook – good & bad: Help us in the continuing development with your feedback on the book’s structure, content and usability.
  2. Development ideas: How can we move forward with the guidebook? Can we make an app version for smartphones? Do we need additional tools?